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Adrenalin Plus Paintball is launching our new paintball club for the die hard bushball fans.During the coarse of the year we will be holding special "BIG GAME DAYS" which will be limited to club members only.

Annual “Club” Membership Fee $55.00

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Benefits of membership are of course the ability to join in the action at the club events and the new designed walk-on days,where club members can turn up to the field run there own rec games with other club members, all at the special club rates*. As a club member we can also issue you with permission to use a personal paintball marker to enable you to obtain a license.

Field Fee only $ 30.00 all day pass Including Air/CO2

Equipment Hire

Comp Gun $ 25.00 all day hire

Field Semi $ 15.00 all day hire

Field Goggles $ 5.00 all day hire

(2000) Premium Grade Paintballs @club rates

(2000) Tournament Grade Paintballs @club rates

*All memberships fall due at 1st January each year. Memberships which are paid during the year will not be discounted.

**Club Member Rates can only be redeemed at "Club" events and\or club Rec Days.

The whole aim of the club is for the more experienced player. It is not intended toward new players but rather the guys that have out grown, so to speak, the general games sessions. With that in mind we would be reluctant to see new players jump straight into the club without a few days play under there belt. Club player need a certain level of independence (Cleaning their own goggles and guns, changing their gas) skills that will be shown to you, but of course it makes a lot more sense after you have played a few games and know what’s what.

However we would not encourage members to go back to general games sessions to “Beat up on new guys” and for this reason members cannot redeem club rates to play in general games sessions. Having said that by no means are members banned or not allow to play general games sessions with work mates, friends or even by themselves. You simply would not be able to redeem club rates to play in general games sessions.

Club members will receive a club ID card. Of course club members will be encouraged to eventually get their own gear and as they do so they will be able to start saving on equipment hire. There is a huge advantage in using your own gear and your enjoyment will go through the roof, especially with your own goggles once you’ve found the one with the perfect fit for you, you won’t believe the difference. Field hire equipment is made to last because as you guys will have seen it takes a lot of abuse. So that gear gets purchased with that in mind. Buying your own gear allows you to tailor your equipment to your own game needs. There will always be lots of friendly advice on hand from more experienced players in the club, so take advantage of that and look around at what’s available.

The modern game has split into two different formats. Air Ball or the competition styled games are played on flat sports like fields and use inflatable SupAir Bunkers to create a limitless option for field design. Woods Ball has its roots firmly planted where it all began, on the traditional Skirmish/Paintball fields be they bush to bunker fields.

Paintball Markers and equipment has never been cheaper and paint never more affordable.


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